Lishen Battery, Owning “Cell” Core Technology, Marched into A New Era of High Energy Storage



Energy storage industry is seen booming in multidimension. Post 280Ah cell era is open at accelerated rate. Safer, higher energy density and longer cycle life high capacity energy storage technology appeared in energy storage market. Higher economic benefit and less occupied land will be new growth stream and become core competitive element in next generation of energy storage technology.

Lishen Battery, an industry leader, adheres to original innovation and leads technical breakthrough, fosters in-depth development of battery technology. It focuses on material innovation, optimizes system structure, advocates iterative upgrading in capacity and cycle performance. It made breakthrough progress in 300Ah+lithium iron phosphate energy storage cell and long cycle life. These accomplishments demonstrate Lishen Battery's leading position and continuous innovation capacity in energy storage

Lishen Battery successfully developed 314Ah and 325Ah energy storage cell. 314Ah battery is expected to be in massive production in second quarter of 2024. The development of 325Ah battery A specimen will be over. By the time, rich battery matrix will meet the diversified needs of 300+ batteries in domestic and foreign markets, providing effective solution for large-size energy storage power plants and industrial and commercial energy storage customers

Lishen energy storage cell caters to market and industry pain points. Adopting 280Ah cell size, it achieves significant upgrading of capacity and energy density without changing volumetric size through innovation and new design. In particular, energy density is over 180Wh/kg, a great breakthrough. The battery positive electrode is specially enveloped with particle grading technology and multi-element homogeneous doping technology, while the negative electrode is constructed of high quality raw materials with optimized granulation technology, improving battery dynamic performance. A series of optimization and innovation in technology, system and structure optimization ensures material structural stability in long term cycle.

Lishen Battery adopts the approach of "storage up" and "consumption up" for 20 years energy storage application scenario and “same life PV and storage”. It also adopts advanced lithium slow-release technology, low lithium consumption negative technology and self recovery electro-hydraulic technology. It will launch long cycle  314Ah-10000 and 306Ah-15000 cell with zero capacity attenuation in first three years of life, a breakthrough from "ultra-high" to "ultra-high + ultra-long cycle". Lishen Battery’s high energy density, extraordinarily long cycle energy storage battery is extensively applied in shared stored energy, new energy distribution and storage and industrial and commercial energy storage sectors thanks to its cutting-edge technology.

Pioneers lead the industry. Lishen Battery is always customer centered and market-oriented. It adheres to innovation and development, intensively engages itself in new energy and lithium battery technology and upgrades new energy technology. Lishen Battery will forge itself a flagship among central government administrated enterprises with stronger and higher new technology, pioneering zero carbon march. It will continue its contribution to China’s green transformation and a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system.