Lishen Battery attended 18th Battery Experts Forum



18th Battery Experts Forum was held in Darmstadt Germany on 07 November. The forum was organized by BMZ. Lishen Battery, an important partner of BMZ, appeared in the forum with completely new image. A delegation of Lishen Battery, led by Mao Dawei, assistant to president of Lishen Battery was invited to the forum. Dr. Ma Hongyun, director of Base R&D Dept. made keynote speech in the forum.

In the forum, Lishen Battery collectively exhibited cutting-edge products influential in applications. The main products on display are 1865/2170 battery, 4695 cylindrical battery and power iron lithium battery. The man purpose is to recommend Lishen Battery new products and new technology, providing one-stop power solution for customers.

Dr. Ma Hongyun delivered a keynote speech entitled "Development and Research of Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery Materials and Technology". He elaborated high specific energy, high power, long cycle and high safety technology of Lishen Battery products, displayed solid battery, sodium-ion battery for synchronized energy storage and in particular, the massive production and application of super high specific energy solid-state battery in eVTOL aircraft, a world’s leading technology.

The reported products and advanced technology concepts are quite prospective and innovative. Representatives of business and academic background actively exchanged views on battery products and technology.

Lishen Battery, a "national team" in new energy sector, has always been committed to iterative upgrading of power battery cell energy density and quick charge performance through multi-dimensional innovation on material system, system structure and charge system. Lishen Battery, founded in domestic market and visioned on world market, comprehensively promotes globalized, green and intelligent development and together with business partners, and advocate the extensive application of advanced battery technology in world market.

It is learnt that Battery Experts Forum is the largest battery professional conference in Europe. The forum provides a convenient communication platform for exhibitors and trade visitors to exchange the latest development information of battery technology, display innovative products and services, and conduct a series of business cooperation, thus attracting a large number of experts and professionals from all over the world.