The completion ceremony of main steel structure of Wuxi Lishen Industrial Base was successfully convened



The main steel structure of Wuxi Lishen Industrial Base was completed when the final piece of steel rod was hoisted to position at 9:58am September 6, 2023. The completion marked a stage victory of the construction of Wuxi Lishen Industrial Base (Phase I) project! Zhang Qiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of Lishen Battery, Ding Zhaoshi, member of the Party Committee and assistant to the president, Wu Hongbin, secretary of the Party Committee and executive director of CCCC Construction Group Fourth Engineering Co., Ltd., and Li Yejun, mayor of Ehu Town, Xishan District, Wuxi, attended the completion ceremony.

After the completion ceremony, Zhang Qiang learned the progress of Wuxi New Energy Manufacture Base and Wuxi Lishen New Energy Research Institute project. He stressed the following: “ The first is to enhance the introduction of talent. Take the advantage of the Yangtze River Delta region, diversify talent introduction channels, attract new talents to research institute and the base., Meanwhile, fully play the role of backbone staff in construction, apply "teach by personal example" and "verbal instruction" to guide new employees into the team, gather strong cohesion and forge efficacy; The second is to adhere to the sunlight project. Cadres at all levels of the project team should strictly observe integrity discipline, maintain the awareness of integrity, and the discipline inspection and inspection department should take the initiative to create a "clean, high quality and efficient" project. The third is that Wuxi Lishen project team should fully refer to the experience of excellent projects. "Study in-depth, find gaps, take more measures to improve efficiency", take the initiative to benchmark itself to others, take the goal as the guide, prevent risks, check deficiencies and make up for the missing, push the construction of Lishen project to "speed up, run fast, make achievement." Steel structure closure is the beginning of the new step in Wuxi project, so the project team should take the initiative, sum up experience and build a high quality sunshine project ”.

It is reported that total planned production capacity of Wuxi Lishen Industrial Base is 24GWh, it will be constructed in three phases with total investment of RMB10.2 billion. Phase I project, with total investment of RMB3.076 billion, is planned for production capacity of 8GWh, 2.4GWh module and PACK.

Heads of Wuxi Lishen project team and contractors participated in the ceremony.