Lishen Battery won Tianjin Top 30 of 2022 China’s Best Employers



2022 China’s Best Employers Award Ceremony was held in Tianjin on 10 March. Thanks to Lishen Battery’s excellent employer culture, employer image, organization and management, remuneration and welfares, growth and development and working environment, these multi-dimension measures laid the foundation for high quality and rapid development. Lishen Battery stood out from 93,426 enterprises around China and won “Tianjin Top 30 of 2022 China’s Best Employers”.

Being a state-holding national high-tech enterprise and focusing on "innovation raises momentum, entrepreneurship promotes employment", Lishen Battery is missioned to "cultivate outstanding talents". In view of current situation of China's lithium industry and the fact that Lishen Battery new base projects are in place one another, Lishen Battery opens recruitment “toolbox” and optimizes corporate image from multi-dimensions: Lishen development history, corporate vision, corporate culture, remuneration and welfares, training and development, promotion channels and working environment.

As a member unit of a central enterprise, Lishen Battery combines its own characteristics to highlight the responsibility of serving the national new energy strategy. From the enterprising development goals, the industry positioning, the full coverage of lithium battery products, the leapfrog production capacity construction and other aspects to create a new employer brand, promote the steady development of Lishen battery, the pursuit of excellence of the value proposition, and stimulate the thought resonance of outstanding young talents.

Lishen Battery, a new energy benchmark enterprise in rapid development, will continuously build human resources system, maximizing employees’ value. It provides employees with high quality working environment and development space and lays talent foundation for building a new energy industry flag among central government owned enterprises and an important force to realize national new energy strategy.