Lishen Battery Granted Patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office



As the continuous release of innovative technologies, the number of Lishen Battery's patents in the research and development of Li-ion battery technology is increasing year by year. As of the end of February 2023, Lishen Battery (incl. subsidiaries) has applied for 3090 domestic patents and 25 international patents; A total of 2274 patents have been authorized.

With outstanding R&D strength, Lishen Battery once again obtained a patent authorization from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the invention of "Air-cooled energy storage module" recently, and has established strategic partnership with international customers based on this patent-related projects.  


This technology is developed to solve the engineering application problems of large capacity cells in the air-cooled energy storage product, to control the cell temperature and increase products’ lifecycle.    

Combined with the air dust integrated energy storage box independently developed by Lishen, this technology can build the PACK level parallel air cooling system. Currently, air-cooled energy storage module technology has achieved achievement transformation on energy storage products of prominent international customers, with related products shipment of 1054.9 MWh in total and sales revenue of approximately CNY 986 million, receiving wide recognition from customers.

Lishen Battery always pays high attention to the protection and achievement transformation of intellectual property rights. Through the implementation of rules and regulations such as the "Patent Application Incentive Measures", the "Patent Agency Management Rules", and the "Patent Grading Management Measures", Lishen has promoted systematic construction, stimulated employees' innovation vitality, increased the number and quality of patents, screened and reserved core patents. Meanwhile, patent engineers work closely with R&D team to carry out patent mining, patent portfolio, and early warning analysis, so as to guarantee the product development and market application.

Since 2010, Lishen Battery has been engaged in energy storage business, and is one of the earliest enterprises in the field of energy storage in China. After more than 10 years of development, Lishen Battery has accumulated rich technologies and won high reputation in the industry. With the continuous transformation of more innovative achievements and the layout of overseas products and patents, Lishen Battery will remain committed to the independent research and development of core technologies, as well as continuous R&D investment for innovations, so as to keep improving our core competitiveness.