Angolan Head of State Visits Lishen



Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos visited Lishen on the afternoon of June 11,2015. The presidential delegation was welcomed by Lishen President Qin Xingcai, Lishen Vice President,Liang Rui, Lishen Vice President,Hou Xiaohe and they visited Lishen showroom and workshop of power and cylindrical battery.

In the showroom,Lishen President Qin Xingcai gave a brief introduction about the development, innovation and planning of Lishen. He said that Lishen is always specialized in the technological development, manufacture and sales of Li-ion battery as a hi-tech company with independent intellectual property rights and core technology and now our applications cover a wide range of consumer electronic products, transportation, energy storage system and etc.

In the workshop of power and cylindrical battery, Lishen President Qin Xingcai said that Lishen owns the world-class full-automatic production line of cylindrical battery and cylindrical battery is our earliest product that is widely applied in consumer electronic products and vehicles.

Under the support of new energy policy, Lishen provided wind power and solar power with total ESS solutions. Lishen ESS products include MWh energy storage storage, household energy storage and etc. Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos thanked Lishen President Qin for our warm reception and highly appreciated Lishen’ achievements in independent innovation.He hoped Lishen could make investment and build factories in Angola, supporting with market development of ESS and new energy vehicle.

The presidential delegation included the First Lady, Ana Paula dos Santos, the State minister and head of the President's Civil Office, Edeltrudes Costa, and the Foreign Affairs minister, Georges Chikoti. Part of the delegation are also the minister of Finance, Armando Manuel, minister of Trade, Rosa Pacavira, minister of Agriculture, Afonso Canga, minister of Transports, Augusto Tomás, Angola Ambassador to the People's Republic of China, Garcia Bires. Presidential delegation was accompanied by Assistant Foreign Minister Qian Hongshan and leaders of Tianjin and Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area.