Pure EV and Zero Emission -The First Pure-electric Cars of Lishen’s Employees Are on the Road



The second generation of JAC pure-electric cars equipped with Lishen's power battery completed the first delivery recently. The first batch of more than a dozen Lishen's employees who bought the cars have been happily driving the JAC pure-electric automobiles printing"pure EV and zero emission"and the identification of Lishen on the road.

A single charge of this trial running cars could run more than one hundred kilometers with the top speed of 120km / h. With a simple charging pile, it could meet the needs of family buffet charge. Compared with the same model,petrol Tongyue with fuel consumption of 7L/100km, JAC Tongyue electric cars save more than 46 RMB/100km. Meanwhile,zero emission and green electric cars could be effective in improving the urban PM2.5.The sky is bluer and the air is fresher.

During the Spring Festival, Lishen's employees drive the pure-electric cars, green and environmental, safe and convenient. Our employees praise the stability of the vehicle, which is also good for the promotion of electric vehicles. The run of the first electric vehicles will collect more real operational data, optimize power battery system, speed up the production process and accumulate valuable experience for electric vehicles into family.