Chinese Vice Premier, Li Keqiang, Inspects Lishen



On the morning of December 2, Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier of the State Council, Li Keqiang, accompanied with Zhang Gaoli, Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Tianjin Municipal Committee; Hang Xingguo, mayor of Tianjin; Yang Dongliang, Executive Vice Mayor of Tianjin; and other related leaders visit Lishen to inspect the construction in the industrialization of lithium ion battery.

Wang Yilin, Chairman of China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC); Zheng Changbo, Assistant to the General Manager of CNOOC and President of Lishen; Mr. Qin Xingcai, Vice President of Lishen; Mr. Wang Chaozhu, Party Secretary and Vice President of Lishen, give the group leaded by Vice Premier, Li Keqiang, a warm reception. In the visit of product exhibition hall of company and world-class full-automatic production line of lithium ion battery, Vice Premier, Li Keqiang hears a report form Mr. Qin Xingcai, President of Lishen, about development process, achievements and future strategy plans of Lishen. Li Keqiang shows much attention about the application of self-owned intellectual property rights and core technology, and enquires about the current situation of lishen’s technology development and future industry trends from time to time. Then he inspects pure electric bus powered by lishen’s lithium ion battery, electric car made by Chinese FAW, pure electric car CODA exported to US with great gusto.

Vice Premier, Li Keqiang gives affirmation to Lishen that it makes great contributions to the development of national new energy industry, and appreciates the achievements in the scientific and technological innovations, independent research and exploiting new market. During the inspection, he points out that it is an important trend for global industry to develop advanced manufacturing and strategic rising industry, which is a commanding height that industries surely fight for. We should keep catching up with what market need, fix on the leading edge, concentrate on crucial points, and strive to achieve breakthroughs. He encourages the cadres and workers of Lishen that we should not only form a new industry, but also need to master the key technology and develop new market demands, which get the initiative in international competition and build Lishen “Chinese Famous Brand” towards the world.

Wang Yilin, Chairman of CNOOC, arranges work for comprehensively implementing the spirit of the guiding order of Vice Premier, Li Keqiang. He says that Li Keqiang, Vice Premier, inspects Lishen, which expresses great encouragement and full recognition and puts forward higher requirement for us. New Energy Project is one of the most key strategic cooperation between CNOOC and Tianjin local government. Lishen is an important part of CNOOC New Energy Industry and CNOOC has great expectations for the development of Lishen. The cadres and workers should conscientiously implement the important guideline of Li Keqiang, Vice Premier and develop the CNOOC New Energy Industry better and faster.

Mr. Qin Xingcai, President of Lishen: Lishen will be in accordance with the requirement of Wang Yilin, Chairman of CNOOC, and should conscientiously implement the guideline of Li Keqiang, Vice Premier, take technology innovation as the core, seize market opportunities, strive to achieve the leap-forward development of Lishen and fight for China New Energy Industry with unremitting efforts.

Li Keqiang, Vice Premier, has a cordial talk with employees and takes pictures together, also accompanied with the relevant leaders of the ministries of the State Council, CNOOC, and Tianjin Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area in this inspection.