Continuing with the Past Makes a Even Brighter Future——Lishen won the “the Eleventh-Five-Year Plan Tianjin Hi-Tech Zone ”



On January 12th, Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Area work arrangements in 2011 as well as the summarization and commendation conference during the Eleventh-Five-Year were held ceremoniously in Haitai Mansion. The conference commended the 100 Outstanding Contributions in the Period of the Eleventh-Five-Year, the Excellent 100 Technological Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Excellent Departments and Entrepreneur in the Hi-Tech Area. As the representatives of Lishen, President Mr. Qin Xingcai received the certificate of “Excellent Entrepreneur in the Eleventh-Five-Year”, while Executive Vice President Mr. Richard Liang received the medal of “the 100 Outstanding Contributions in the Period of the Eleventh-Five-Year”.

With the support and guidance of the ministries of State Council, the CPC Municipal Committee and Government of Tianjin, and the leaders of Binhai Hi-Tech Area, Lishen rushing to seize every opportunity, enterprising with hardworking, positively handling the international financial crisis, employing the leading new energy industry, enhanced the comprehensive enterprise competition strength during the Eleventh-Five-Year period.

Looking out into 2011, on the new start of the government fostering the new energy industry and the huge investments from the shareholder, as well as positively cooperating with the work arrangements of Tianjin Binhai Hi-Tech Area during the period of the Eleventh-Five-Year, Lishen will advance the construction of the New Energy Industrial Park, so as to make a greater contribution to the development of the energy-saving emission reduction and the new energy industry.