The 74th United States Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson Inspected Lishen



On Apr. 4th,2011,Henry Paulson, the 74th United States Treasury Secretary, came Lishen to inspect the status of EV power battery and ESS development and production, in the company of CNOOC Manager Fu Chengyu and CODA Executive Chairman Steven Mac Heller, CODA Chief Executive Officer Phil Murtaugh.

Mr. Zheng Changbo, Chairman of the Board, and Mr. Qin Xingcai, President of Lishen, warmly received Henry Paulson and the delegation. During their visit to Lishen, Henry Paulson heard the introduction of Lishen EV power battery and ESS industrialization, had a test drive of CODA whose battery was supplied by Lishen, and had a visit to power battery production line that reached to advanced world level. Henry Paulson was full of enthusiasm in the course of visit and had a full-dress inquiry about the performance, cycle life and recycling of EV power battery.

Henry Paulson showed great excitement on what he saw and heard during the inspection period. He was Mr. Fu Chengyu’s old acquaintance, and one of shareholders in CODA. He reckoned that USA and China need to strengthen cooperation in clean energy, so as to develop the tremendous potential EV and ESS market. Both Lishen and President Mr. Qin Xingcai have a high popularity, he said that it was much honored to have a visit to Lishen. He was hoping the EV, equipped with Lishen’s battery, would be mass produced soon, so as to take place of Fuel Vehicle and contribute to the solution to Energy Crisis and environment pollution.

The leader of CNOOC and CNOOC New Energy Investment Co., LTD were accompanying.