Employee Care

Caring for Lishen employees

Staff Activity

Lishen's First Family Open Day | [The Scene] Promote Growth with Lithium, Love Family Members with Heart (Cell)

This move was to enable more “Lishen Family Members” to learn Lishen, more “Lishen's Second Generation” to feel Lishen, allow them to approach Lishen, get to know the booming development of new energy and look at the firm their family members were working for.

Wonderful Cell Dynamic, Focus on Lithium Future | Lishen 19th Art Festival on Grand Play

The festival was destined to enhance Lishen employees’ sports and cultural life and gather striving power. On June 1, the 19th "Follow the Party with Heart and Soul, Forge New March with Solidity and Strive” themed Art Festival held by Lishen union was on grand opening.

Look This Way, Boys and Girls on Other Side | Heart Moved (Heart and Cell are homophobic in Chinese pronunciation), Join Hands When Love Fate Arises

This was a “Heart Moved, Join Hands When Love Fate Arises” themed activity held jointly by Lishen union and youth league for single boys and girls, a platform for them to get to know each other and exchange views.

25 Years Old Lishen | Lishen Pursued Energy in Its History

Warmly celebrate the 25th anniversary of Lishen Battery

Right in Her Heart (literally “Cell”) | Popular in Moments, Sensing Lishen’s

Lishen Women's Heart to Party, Contribution to New Era In a move to further encourage Lishen staff to study the Party spirit of 20th National Congress and follow the Party forever, Lishen Party Committee,

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