Ultra Capacitor
Ultra capacitors include electric double layer capacitor and pseudocapacitor. At present, commercial products are mainly electric double layer capacitors, by polarizing electrolytes and forming a double layer in the positive and negative electrode to carry out energy storage.Its energy storage process that is completely reversible doesn’t produce chemical reaction.
ultra capacitor
product features

Peak Power

Reliable Backup Power

Instant Bridge Power Requirements (1 ~ 60S)

Cable Drop Compensation

Smooth Large Instantaneous Surge and Inrush Current

Wind Variable Pitch System
Workover Rig
Microgrid Energy Storage
Oil Rig
Rail Vehicle
Golf Cart
Toy Model
Power Tool
LTO Battery Product features

High safety, electric potential of LTO negative material up to 1.55V, no metal lithium precipitation, resistance to over charge and over discharge

Long life reaching tens of thousands of times, stable structure, zero change of volume in charge and discharge process

High rate characteristics, high ion diffusion coefficient compared with graphite, 20C charge, 50C discharge, 2500W / Kg power density, fully charged in 5-30 minutes

Good discharge performance in low temperature, work at -40℃-60 ℃

Fast Charge

Low Temperature

Logistics Vehicles, Low Temperature Start

Safety Area

Tub, Military Area

High Power

Mountain, Hybrid Power