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        Lishen Attended the 12th China International Battery Fair

        Writer:Marketing Dept.Number of visits: Date:2016-11-15 09:25
              The largest battery fair in the world, CIBF2016 was successfully held at Shenzhen during May 18-20. For CIBF2016, exhibition area was 82,500 square meters and there were more than 1000 exhibitors. 
              With the 81 square meters special booth at the center area, Lishen demonstrated latest products which include six series, cylindrical battery, prismatic battery, polymer battery, power battery, photovoltaic, and ultra-capacitor. During the show, Lishen distributed 800 brochures and over 700 business cards. This show will make us better understanding of the trends of new products, new technologies, new materials, new equipment and competitors; lay the foundation for the analysis of market trends and finding new suppliers and partners.

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