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        Li-Ion Battery Powerhouse Explores E-Bike Market

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        AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands - There’s a high probability that your smart phone has a battery made by Lishen. This Chinese maker is the world’s number 4 in Li-Ion consumer batteries and is now focusing on e-bikes.


             Lishen's executive vice president Richard Liang scouted out the European e-bike market this year at Eurobike. It's the start of what is going to be an entry into electric bikes, as Liang says, "We think that we can optimize the battery technology in e-bikes as we have the capability to provide top class Li-Ion batteries."

             In 2013 Lishen was one of the top 5 largest lithium-ion battery makers in the world. With China National Offshore Oil Company as the largest investor, Lishen has total assets worth of 6 billion RMB (€743m) and production capacity of 900 million Ah. By the year 2020, Lishen will make a further 13 billion RMB (€1.6b) investment in power batteries capable of powering 200,000 electric cars.

             Possessing over 700 patents in battery technology, Lishen continues to focus on technology innovation. Lishen plans to invest 1.5 billion RMB (€186m) in its research institute in the upcoming 5 years, and the institute will employ over 1000 researchers and engineers by the year 2020.

             Lishen has set up marketing network and logistic centers around the world serving key customers in more than 150 countries. Offering multi-level mobile energy solutions, Lishen has become one of the major battery suppliers for diversified applications, including mobile communication, notebook computer, consumer electronics, electric vehicle, and energy storage. Nowadays several thousands of electric cars running on the road worldwide are driven by Lishen battery systems. And Lishen draws upon the success of EV industry to develop superior solutions for e-bikes.

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