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        Lishen Successfully Holds 2013 Work Conference

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          0n February 2, Lishen 2013 Work Conference was held successfully in Outside Outer Ring Road Factory. Zheng Changbo, Assistant to the General Manager of CNOOC, General Manager of CNOOC New Energy Investment Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Lishen; Mr. Qin Xingcai, President of Lishen; Mr. Wang Chaozhu, Party Secretary of Lishen, together with the leaders of our shareholders and manager level and above, a total of more than 180 people attended this conference.

          It conveyed the spirit of 2013 Work Conference by CNOOC and CNOOC New Energy Investment Co., Ltd. On behalf of the leaders, President Qin Xingcai made the work report entitled “strengthen management, scientific development, and strive for completing work in 2013”. Combined with the actual situation, Party Secretary of Lishen, Mr. Wang Chaozhu made a speech on innovation management, improving study and incorruptible work and put forward specific requirements. With secretary’s requirements, participants made discussion on how to complete 2013 annual task and target, and then reported the discussion results.

          Chairman Zheng Changbo made an important speech. He pointed out that this meeting made clear objectives and key measures for 2013 and gave good ideas and measures for the development of Lishen. It was an important conference and a link as Lishen is implementing the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. Particularly, the requirement that “three decision, three improvement, three implementation”is a good idea for the implementation. We should explore bravely, challenge ourselves, ensure the implementation of strategic planning and measures, and firmly grasp the future goal. We also should refine the development plan of each business, deepen the mechanism reform, enhance the building of Lishen’s ability, pay much attention to the leadership and team building and build Lishen into an international company that comes up to the first-class in technology and quality.

          This conference gave commendation to“2012 Excellent Department”, “2012 Outstanding Director”and “2012 Excellent Manager”. President Qin Xingcai, Party Secretary Wang Chaozhu, respectively signed 2013 performance objectives, safe production and responsibility agreement for incorruptible work with the responsible person.

          With the principle of strict economy, efficiency and practice, and “short meeting and tell the truth”, this meeting achieved the goal “unify understanding; built confidence; inspire vigor”and played a positive role in implementing 2013 work.

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