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        A Research Service Named “Promote the Development; Benefit People’s Livelihood; Improve the level” Was Carried out in Lishen

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          Executive Vice Director of Tianjin People’s Congress, Gou Lijun Led a group to Lishen for carrying out a research service named “Promote the Development; Benefit People’s Livelihood; Improve the level” on March 7, 2013 and mainly found out the situation in the production ,development ,and the urgent problems that need to solve.

          The team first visited Lishen’s showroom and then listened the report on the development of Lishen by Wang Chaozhu, Party Secretary of Lishen and Vice President Liang Rui.

          Around the issues raised by Lishen, Gou Lijun and his party put forward their own proposals on how to support Lishen’s future development.

          Vice Director Gou Lijun pointed out that if Lishen hopes to become bigger and stronger, firstly Lishen should develop itself and go out, sum up its successful experience and learn from others experience, and then absorb them and create new experience; Secondly, Lishen should make innovations; Furthermore, Lishen should rely on the support of China, Tianjin, and Binhai Hi-tech Industrial Development Area; Finally, it uses personnel systems “Better treatment to recruit people; Keep people with the development of the cause; Inspire people with deep feelings” to overcome the labor shortage.

          On the end of this meeting, Wang Chaozhu, Party Secretary of Lishen and Vice President Liang Rui said Lishen will implement the requirements of people-oriented, coordinated and sustainable development. Lishen will implement the development plan of Tianjin energy-saving and new energy vehicles, provide technical support for the healthy operation of new energy vehicles, and make contribute to the realization of Tianjin eco-city.

          Gou Lijun was accompanied by the responsible comrades of the Municipal People’s Congress Office of Education, Science, Culture and Public Health, Tianjin Municipal Commission of Development and Reform, Tianjin Economic and Information Technology Commission, Tianjin Science and Technology Commission, Tianjin Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Hi-tech Industrial Development Area Administrative Committee, and Tianjin Bus.

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