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          China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) is a key state-owned company approved by the state council, and restructured from the former electronic research institutions and high-tech enterprises directly owned by Ministry of Information Industry, and it’s one of the top ten military groups directly owned by the central government. CETC mainly engages in the construction of large scale electronic information system projects, and the research and production of major equipments, communication and electronic equipments, software and the key components both in national important military and civil applications.

               CETC consists of 58 research institutes and enterprises as direct subsidiaries, distributed in 18 provinces and cities, among which 7 enterprises are listed in stock markets. Currently, CETC has more than 110,000 employees, including 11 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering. It has 15 national key defense science and technology laboratories, 6 national defense research and application centers, 7 research centers, 27 post-doctoral scientific research workstations, 1 mobile station. CETC has a group of domestic first-class pilot lines, production lines, assembly lines and machining centers. It formed the most complete research, design, manufacture, production and testing ability system in the domestic electronic industry, with a total quality assurance system, and made a number of leading or close to the international level of major scientific and technological achievements. In some key technology areas, it always maintains its position as leading domestically, and advanced internationally.

              Since its establishment in 2002, CETC, as the national team of military electronics industry and the main force of the information industry, struggles to forge ahead, and dares to innovate. It received the highest national awards once, 8 items of national science and technology progress prize, 12 items of national scientific and technological progress first prize, 37 items of second prize; 10 items of national defense science and technology progress prize, 86 items of first prize, and 3307 invention patents were granted. With outstanding performance, CETC make an important contribution to national defense and national economic development.