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        Talent Training

          With the rapid development, in order to meet the urgent needs for professional training, the Company built up the special training department, which is Lishen College, and formed a internal college training system.
          At present, in Lishen College, there are 3 staffs, 150 internal part-time instructors, exclusive training center whose floor space is 600m2 , 6 fully equipped training classrooms which can accommodate 500 persons to study at the same time.
          As the functional department which develops and trains talents, Lishen College takes extensive training at all levels of managers and staff skills training every year. Training category involves leadership, management, production, research, technology, quality, equipment and so on. Training objects contain company leaders, middle-level cadres, low-level managers, production personnel and all employees. Every year, Lishen College organizes trainings more than 500 times, accumulating 6000 hours, nearly 30000 persons, 20 training hours per capita.
          Lishen College have established long-term cooperative relationships with the institutions of colleges, enterprise colleges and authoritative training and consultancy organizations, to carry out various cooperation projects, such as the joint schools and commissioned training, personnel customization, post-doctoral workstations cooperation, academic exchanges and cooperation projects.

               According to the Company strategy and objectives, Lishen College organized several types of training in 2015. For example, we have Leadership and Manufactering Certificate training for operating staff. And also we have Project Management / Group Construction / EHS training for supervisors and managers. We have three weeks new employees training for the 2015 graduates.
          In the future, Lishen College will continue to proceed from the actual situation, continuously improve corporate training, to provide more learning and developing opportunities, to develop and train talent for the Company. At the same time, Lishen College will strengthen the contacts with colleges, intensify cooperation between school and enterprise, seek excellent talent from colleges.