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        HR. Policy

        1、Recruitment Policy:
          It is Lishen’s objective to promote open, fair and equal human resource policies. Lishen hires talents through competition. There is neither any discrimination on the basis of (including but not limited to) gender, race, color, national origin, nor any conduct violates national laws and regulations (for example, hiring of children workers) in recruitment process. Recruitment strictly follows the procedures specified in recruitment provision and based on position requirement in order to guarantee the quality of Lishen employees.

        2、Talent Training Policy:
          Based on Lishen’s strategic objective and general development planning, Human Resource Department set up annual training programs. Lishen reserves training funds on certain rate of employee overall wage amount to implement talent training programs.

        3、Compensation and Benefit Policy:
          1) Lishen withholds and pays social insurance and individual income tax for employees according to national provisions; Lishen also adjust compensation annually based on relevant Tianjin policies and Lishen’s provisions on performance evaluation and promotion.
          2)According to the provisions of the relevant national and Tianjin municipal laws and regulations and Lishen rules on management of labor contracts, officially hired employees (Tianjin local employees and special recruited employees) sign employment agreement with Lishen; Agreements are also signed between Lishen and foreign experts who join Lishen. For the case of Labor Agent Company, collective labor dispatch agreements are signed between Lishen and Labor Agent Company.
          3)Lishen offers free annual physical check up, annual leave with pay and other leaves such as marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave and nursing leave to employees;
          4)Lishen offers accommodations to employees from other provinces.
          5)Lishen offers benefit allowance to employees in special occasion like festival;
          6)Lishen offers interest-free Housing loans to core personnel.

        4、Employee Incentive Policy:
          Lishen’s relevant provisions on incentive management, promotion, award and punishment, employee code of conduct and ethics promote and facilitate both employees’ growth and Lishen’s development, which cultivates a harmonious enterprise culture and sound social responsibility system and effectively regulates employees’ ethics and conducts.

        5、Personnel Policy:
          Lishen ensures employees take suitable positions to exert their talents and employees in relevant positions are qualified. Lishen handles official hiring, position transfer, resignation procedure according to Lishen’s relevant policies, position requirement and Lishen’s development.